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Smithing is the best way to make money and to get incredible weapons in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

However, to make the most expensive and powerful equipment, you will first need to unlock high-tier smithing parts.

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These can, unfortunately, be unlocked through smelting and crafting, and they are tied to specific weapon types and tiers.

To help you out, here is how you can quickly and easily unlock the smithing parts in Bannerlord for your preferred weapon type.

Table of contents

  • How Smithing Works in Bannerlord
  • Unlock Smithing Parts in Bannerlord

Smithing is pretty straightforward. You can smelt items to get resources (or just buy them), and then you can craft new weapons using them.

You can use this vital function in a Smithy. This building can be found in every town in Calradia and can be used by clicking the “Enter smithy” option.

There are different tiers for the weapons that you can buy and make during your Bannerlord playthrough.

Every time you do something in the smithing menu, you will slowly lose Stamina. This can only be gained back by resting in a settlement.

Players will lose 10 Stamina for every smelted weapon and something from 10 to 50 Stamina for every armament forged.

You will slowly get Stamina as you level up the Smithing skill (+1 per 2 Smithing levels). This is why most players should quicklylevel their Smithing skillif they want to properly use this mechanic.

When you make a weapon in Bannerlord, you have the opportunity to customize almost all of its aspects. You can choose the shape and size of the blade, the look and length of the pommel and armguard, and the materials of the grip.

By choosing special weapon parts, players can change the weight, weapon reach and speed, and the pierce and slash damage.

This is why you need to unlock as many smithing parts as you can to fully customize Bannerlord weapons and make them true killing machines.

Unlock Smithing Parts in Bannerlord

When you start smelting or crafting a type of weapon, you will slowly receive all the smithing parts for it.

For example: If you smelt and craft two-handed swords, you will slowly get smithing parts for two-handed swords.

There are also five tiers for smithing parts. You can’t get a smithing part Tier 2 before getting all the Tier 1 parts. This works the same for all the higher tiers.

So, to get Tier 2 smithing parts, get all Tier 1 parts first. To get Tier 3, get all Tier 2 parts. This process goes on until you get to the final tier.

There are only two ways to unlock smithing parts in Bannerlord:

  • Smelting
  • Crafting

Smelting is the most efficient way of getting smithing parts. If you either had to craft 10 two-handed swords and then smelt them, smelting would unlock more pieces than forging would.

Also, to unlock parts faster, it would be better to smelt or create higher-tier weapons rather than lower-tier ones.

If you would, for example, smelt 140 of the highest tier two-handed swords, Tier 6 swords, you would unlock all 254 smithing parts for two-handed swords.

If you tried this with thousands of lower-tier two-handed swords, you wouldn’t even be close to unlocking all the smithing parts.

So, smelting is the way to go. However, crafting shouldn’t be ignored. Or, better yet, smithing Orders shouldn’t be.

Smithing Orders offer the most experience when it comes to smithing. By completing special, high-paying Orders, you will get parts and experience in almost no time.

So, in theory, these are the best ways you can unlock new smithing parts, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best:

  • Forging -> 1
  • Forging with Curious Smith perk -> 2
  • Smelting -> 2
  • Smelting with Curious Smelter perk -> 4
  • Orders -> 3 – 5
  • Orders with Curious Smith perk -> 10

Quick Unlock Methods

By using the methods we described in ourprevious Smithing guide, you can easily unlock all the smithing parts in the game.

To summarize, there are two methods: “Forge, Smelt, Repeat” and “Order Adventure”.

Forge, Smelt, Repeat is as easy as it sounds. Collect as much Hardwood, Crude, Wrought, and normal Iron as you can and start forging weapons.

Afterward, just smelt them and get better parts. Then, craft better weapons with the newly obtained parts and smelt them till you get the parts you desire.

The Order Adventure works exactly as you’d expect. You go around from village to village, completing the highest paying Orders in each town.

This method is great for players that actually want to have a fun time while playing, as this will also give you a chance to participate in many tournaments andearn absurd amounts of money in Bannerlord.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock smithing parts in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord - How to Unlock Smithing Parts - Gamer Empire (2024)


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