Julie Lebiedzinski: Inside The Life Of John Fogerty’s Wife (2024)

Julie Lebiedzinski gains her primary recognition as the wife of John Fogerty, the celebrated musician and singer. She entered matrimony with John in 1991, and the couple shares three children.

While Julie maintains a relatively private life, her marriage to John Fogerty, a prominent music industry figure, sparks fans’ interest and curiosity.

Table of Contents

  • Quick Bio
  • Julie Lebiedzinski Early Life
  • How She Met John Fogerty?
  • Their Marriage Ceremony
  • Who Is Jhon Fogerty?
  • She Has 4 Children
  • Her Husband’s Previous marriage
  • Julie’s Positive Impact On John Fogerty’s Life
  • Her Husband John Fogerty’s Political Stance
  • Did Her Husband Served In The Military?
  • Julie Lebiedzinski’s Net Worth

Quick Bio

Full NameJulie Lebiedzinski
Date of BirthFebruary 7, 1960
Place Of BirthElkhart, Indiana, United States
Age63 years
Sexual OrientationStraight
Famous ForJohn Fogerty’s Wife
ProfessionNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJohn Fogerty
ChildrenKelsy, Shane, Tyler and Lyndsay
NetworthNot Known

Julie Lebiedzinski Early Life

Julie Lebiedzinski, born on February 7, 1960, in Elkhart, Indiana, United States, was formerly known as Julie Lynne Kramer before her marriage to John Fogerty.

Considering her birth date, Julie’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Aquarians are characterized by their originality, independence, and humanitarian spirit.

As of 2023, Julie is 63 years old and has chosen to maintain considerable privacy surrounding her personal life. Specific details about her early life and upbringing remain largely undisclosed to the public.

How She Met John Fogerty?

Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty crossed paths for the first time in 1986 during one of John’s tours in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was a serendipitous encounter, and they instantly developed strong feelings for each other. Their connection blossomed, and they dated for approximately four years.

Their Marriage Ceremony

Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty tied the knot on April 20, 1991, in Julie’s hometown of Elkhart, Indiana. Their marriage ceremony was heartwarming, with their dear ones, including family members and friends, gathering around to witness their special day.

It was an auspicious and joyous event as they committed to a lifetime of togetherness. Fast forward to the present day, they have been happily married for three decades, and their bond remains incredibly strong, filled with love and affection.

Who Is Jhon Fogerty?

John Fogerty, born on May 28, 1945, in Berkeley, California, USA, is a renowned singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He gained fame as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the influential rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).

Julie Lebiedzinski: Inside The Life Of John Fogerty’s Wife (1)

The band achieved massive success in the late 1960s and early 1970s with hits like “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Fortunate Son,” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”

Following the band’s breakup in 1972, Fogerty enjoyed a successful solo career, creating timeless hits such as “Centerfield” and “The Old Man Down the Road.”

She Has 4 Children

Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty’s marriage blessed them with a daughter and two sons: Kelsy, Shane, and Tyler. Both boys, honing their musical skills, often join their father on stage; Shane as a vocalist and guitarist.

Additionally, Julie has a daughter, Lyndsay, from a previous marriage, but details about her first husband remain undisclosed.

Kelsy Cameron Fogerty

Born on October 5, 2001, Kelsy Cameron Fogerty is the eldest daughter of Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty. Despite growing up in the limelight due to her father’s fame, Kelsy has chosen to lead a private life away from public attention.

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Shane Fogerty

Born in 1991, Shane Fogerty is the son of Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty. Shane has become a talented musician and guitarist, following his father’s footsteps. He has pursued a successful career in music, showcasing his skills on various platforms and earning recognition in the industry.

Julie Lebiedzinski: Inside The Life Of John Fogerty’s Wife (3)

Tyler Fogerty

Another child of Julie Lebiedzinski and John Fogerty, Tyler Fogerty, was born in 1992. While not much information is available about Tyler’s personal life, he, too, comes from a musically gifted family. Like his siblings, he is likely to possess interests and talents in the realm of music, though he prefers to maintain a low profile.

Julie Lebiedzinski: Inside The Life Of John Fogerty’s Wife (4)

Her Husband’s Previous marriage

Prior to marrying Julie Lebiedzinski, her husband was previously married to Martha Piaz on September 4, 1965. They had known each other since high school, and he was 20 years old at the time of their wedding.

The couple had three children, but their identities are undisclosed. Their marriage ended in divorce after five years, and the reasons for their split remain unclear.

Following the divorce, he departed from CCR in 1971, and the band dissolved the following year in 1972.

Julie’s Positive Impact On John Fogerty’s Life

John Fogerty, married at a young age, facing the challenge of balancing family and musical ambitions, possibly impacting his marriage. After 16 years, he found love again with Julie Lebiedzinski, whom he hailed as his “rescuer.”

Her presence dispelled his bitterness and hopelessness, transforming his life. Julie’s creative input was also instrumental in his 9th studio album, “Wrote a Song for Everyone,” released on May 28, 2013, featuring CCR classics and two new songs, “Mystic Highway” and “Train of Fools.

Her Husband John Fogerty’s Political Stance

Julie Lebiedzinski’s husband, Fogerty, is a lifelong liberal Democrat who has expressed his political views through his lyrics, criticizing several Republicans, including Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

He actively supported John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign against George W. Bush and endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2015 elections, appreciating the concern liberals have for the common people.

Despite his liberal leanings, Fogerty also admired Donald Trump’s rebellious nature and perceived independence due to his wealth.

Did Her Husband Served In The Military?

John Fogerty, Julie Lebiedzinski’s husband, received a draft letter from the US Army in 1966 but sought an alternative to frontline service. He joined the US Army Reserve as a supply clerk after backdating paperwork with the recruiter’s assistance.

Completing his training at Fort Bragg, Fort Knox, and Fort Lee, he concluded his active duty training in July 1967. Fogerty served as a part-time reservist for a year before his discharge in the following year.

Julie Lebiedzinski’s Net Worth

Information regarding Julie Lebiedzinski’s source of income and profession remains private, and therefore, her net worth is not publicly known. However, her husband, John Fogerty, possesses an impressive net worth of approximately $90 million.

Julie Lebiedzinski: Inside The Life Of John Fogerty’s Wife (2024)


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