John Fogerty Reveals How His Wife Julie Lebiedzinksi Saved His Life (2024)

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John Fogerty's wife Julie Lebiedzinski turned him from an alcoholic to a star.

By RahulPublished on: April 10, 2024 Updated on: April 23, 2024

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John Fogerty, known for hits like Fortunate Son and Centerfield, is a rock legend whose music has left a lasting impact. But there’s more to his life than just his songs. Behind the music, there’s a personal story of love and companionship with his wife of decades, Julie Lebiedzinski, 64.

They tied the knot back on April 20, 1991, at Elcona Country Club in Bristol, Indiana. It was a special day, with Julie’s friend Lisa serving as the Maid of Honor. From their relationship, the Fogerty couple became parents of six children, in total.

But Julie is way more than just John’s wife in life; she’s been his rock, advisor, and even his business strategist. She has helped John with pretty much everything – from picking album titles and set lists to advising on guest artists for his albums and even his clothing brand.

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While some might see her as overly protective, John himself has made it clear that Julie’s involvement is exactly what he’s wanted, acknowledging her positive influence on both his career and personal life.

He’s been open about the transformative role Julie has played, saying on Larry King Live,

[Without Julie] I would have evolved from an angry young man to an angry old man…. Julie was the savior to me.

But Julie’s impact isn’t just in words. When she gifted John his original 1969 Rickenbacker 325 Sunburst guitar for Christmas, a guitar he hadn’t seen in decades and used to write hits like Green River, John was moved to tears.

This gesture was more than just sentimental; it reconnected John with a part of his past he thought was lost and inspired him to create new music.

But aside from her identity as John’s wife, who is Julie? Surely you know about her first marriage from which she had a daughter, but did you know her late father played a part in saving President Richard Nixon?

Her Dad Was In the Military and Mom a Union Leader

Julie’s dad, SGT. Carl. W. Kramer, was a real-life hero, serving as a marine. Kramer was part of HMR-263, a unit that played a critical role in a tense international incident.

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Back when Dwight Eisenhower was President, Kramer and his fellow soldiers received orders that would place them in the heart of a potential crisis in Venezuela.

In 1958, Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife Pat were caught in a dangerous upheaval in Venezuela, with mobs threatening their safety. In response, President Eisenhower deployed over 1,000 U.S. Marines and paratroopers to protect them, including Julie’s dad, as part of the force.

SGT. Kramer was among the Marines poised for action, illustrating the unpredictability and courage required in military service. This event is not just a historical footnote but a personal family legacy for Julie, showcasing her father’s readiness to serve and protect at a moment’s notice.

Parallel to this story of service, Julie’s mother made her mark in the labor movement, dedicating 20 years to the United Auto Workers (UAW) as a Union Steward at Adams and Westlake in Elkhart, Indiana, from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Julie has two siblings both sisters,Kristy and Cheryl ‘Renne’ Kramer. The trio of Kramer sisters had a fun-filled childhood.

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Speaking of her heritage, she comes from Polish/Dutch ethnicity.

John Was Mesmerized By Julie’s Beauty At Their First Meet

John was touring in Indiana in 1986 to promote his album Zombie when he had a moment that felt like it was straight out of a movie. He was at a hotel party in Indianapolis, hanging out with some band members, when he saw Julie. He told Mount Airy News,

I was at a party at the hotel after the show with a couple of the band members when suddenly the crowd parted, and there was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my life.

John’s been quoted saying,

I always tell people that—it was like this light came out of the sky.

In addition, he shared in his book Fortune Son that Julie was actually the one who approached him first, asking if she could shake his hand. That’s how they started talking. Before long, John offered to buy her a drink. At that time, Julie was finalizing her divorce.

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What’s pretty cool is that when they got together, they both already had kids—John had three from his previous marriage, and Julie had her daughter Lyndsay from her first marriage. So, it wasn’t just John and Julie coming together, but their families blending too.

After making things official, they along with their four children moved in together in John’s residence in Los Angeles before tying the knot.

She Is a Mother of Seven; Four are Hers and Three are John’s

John and Julie Fogerty’s house must have been pretty lively with seven kids running around. They’ve got a full squad: four sons, Shane, Tyler, Josh, and Sean, and three daughters, Kelsey, Laurie and Lyndsay.

Shane, 32, Tyler, 31, and Kelsey, 22, are the pair’s biological kids.

John Fogerty Reveals How His Wife Julie Lebiedzinksi Saved His Life (6)

Then there’s Laurie, Josh, and Sean, John’s kids from his previous marriage to Martha Paiz, and Lyndsay, Julie’s daughter from her first husband, Michael Lebiedzinski.

Now, Shane and Tyler? They’ve pretty much followed in their dad’s footsteps and hit the music scene. They’ve rocked out at their dad’s gigs and even formed their own band, Hearty Har.

Lyndsay, on the other hand, took a different path and went into real estate. Seems like there’s no shortage of talent in the Fogerty family.

Oh, and there’s Via, John’s granddaughter, adding another generation into the mix.

Julie Lebiedzinski and John currently live in the state of California, in the city of Berkley. Back in 2023, they listed their home for a whopping $20 million.

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John Fogerty Reveals How His Wife Julie Lebiedzinksi Saved His Life (2024)


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