Busted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (2024)

Busted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots is a website that provides public access to mugshots and arrest records in Carter County, Kentucky. This online platform allows users to view and share mugshots of individuals who have been arrested in the area. The website serves as a resource for those interested in staying informed about local crime and law enforcement activity.

Mugshots in Carter County, Kentucky are typically taken by law enforcement agencies at the time of arrest. These photos are then made available to the public through online databases like Busted Newspaper. Mugshots can provide valuable information about individuals who have been arrested, including their physical appearance and the nature of their charges.

Mugshots in Carter County Kentucky

Mugshots in Carter County, Kentucky are considered public records, which means that they can be accessed by anyone. This information can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as identifying suspects, tracking criminal activity, and ensuring transparency in the justice system. By making mugshots available to the public, law enforcement agencies, and media outlets can help keep communities informed and safe.

Carter County mugshots have a long history dating back to the 1800s, originating soon after the advent of photography. Alphonse Bertillon, a French police officer in 1888, standardized the mugshot process, establishing its widespread use. These images, compiled in mug books, aid witnesses and victims in identifying offenders.

NameImageBooking DetailsCharges
PFAU, JONDABusted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (1)Name:PFAU, JONDA
Age:44 years old
Height:5′ 9″
Weight:130 lbs
Not Available
O’HAIR, CHRISTOPHER ABusted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (2)Name:O’HAIR, CHRISTOPHER A
Age:25 years old
Height:6′ 2″
Weight:175 lbs
Failure to pay court costs, fees, or fines
OWENS, JOHNATHANBusted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (3)Name:OWENS, JOHNATHAN
Age:21 years old
Height:6′ 2″
Weight:180 lbs
ERWIN, JOELBusted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (4)Name:ERWIN, JOEL
Age:66 years old
Height:5′ 11″
Weight:210 lbs
Driving under the influence of alcohol with a BAC of 0.08 or higher
First offense according to statute 189A.010(1A)
CLARK, JAMESBusted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (5)Name:CLARK, JAMES
Age:40 years old
Height:5′ 8″
Weight:285 lbs
Not Available
BUSH, TERESA LYNNBusted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (6)Name:BUSH, TERESA LYNN
Age:47 years old
Height:5′ 2″
Weight:155 lbs
Violating speed limits in restricted areas Non-appearance or failure to appear
BROWN, JAMES RICHARDBusted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (7)Name:BROWN, JAMES RICHARD
Age:38 years old
Height:6′ 1″
Weight:225 lbs
Failure to Pay Court Costs, Fees, or Fines

These mugshots capture suspects at the time of their arrest and are taken by local law enforcement like police departments and Sheriff’s Offices. Typically, they feature a frontal (full-face) and profile view. Carter County mugshots are cataloged alongside the individual’s criminal record and police reports, serving as tools for identification by victims, witnesses, and investigators.

Moreover, if a judge issues an arrest warrant in Carter County for various reasons and the individual fails to appear in court, these mugshots assist in locating the person.

Carter County mugshots are easily accessible online as public records. Portals operated by information brokers provide mugshots alongside other public records such as criminal histories, arrest details, and court proceedings.

Arrest Records and Mugshot Listings

Arrest records and mugshot listings in Carter County, Kentucky are typically updated regularly to reflect recent arrests and charges. These records can be searched by name, date of arrest, or other criteria to find specific individuals. Mugshots are often accompanied by details about the arrest, such as the individual’s charges and booking information.

Legal Implications of Mugshot Publication

The publication of mugshots can have legal implications for both individuals and the websites that share them. In some cases, the publication of mugshots can be considered a violation of privacy or defamation. It is important for websites like Busted Newspaper to ensure that they are following all relevant laws and regulations when sharing mugshots online.

Community Impact of Mugshot Sharing

The sharing of mugshots can have a significant impact on the community, as it allows residents to stay informed about criminal activity in their area. By making mugshots accessible to the public, websites like Busted Newspaper can help promote community safety and awareness.

Privacy Concerns Related to Mugshots

Privacy concerns related to mugshots are an important consideration for websites that publish this information. Individuals who have been arrested may have their reputations tarnished by the publication of their mugshot, even if they are later found innocent of the charges. It is important for websites to balance the public’s right to know with individuals’ right to privacy.

Access Carter County KY Mugshots

Accessing Carter County KY mugshots is easy with websites like Busted Newspaper. Simply visit the website and search for mugshots by name, date, or other criteria. Users can view mugshots and arrest records for free, making it a valuable resource for those interested in staying informed about local crime.

Importance of Transparency in Mugshot Publication

Transparency in mugshot publications is essential for maintaining public trust in law enforcement and the justice system. By making mugshots accessible to the public, websites like Busted Newspaper can help promote transparency and accountability in the criminal justice process. It is important for websites to ensure that they are providing accurate and up-to-date information to their users.

Carter County KY Detention and Inmate Records

In CARTER County, there are a total of 147 correctional facilities, hosting an average daily population of 185 inmates, resulting in a combined jail population of 197 individuals. When examining the demographics within the CARTER County jail system, it is noted that males constitute the majority, comprising 83% of the population with 124 male inmates. Conversely, females represent a smaller segment at 17%, accounting for 33 female detainees.

Exploring Inmates in Carter County

Carter County inmate records are considered public records, which means they are available for anyone to review with ease. The Freedom of Information Act governs the accessibility of these records, ensuring transparency and accountability in providing a wealth of valuable information about individuals who have been incarcerated within Carter County.

Booking in Carter County

Carter County bookings serve as a valuable resource for checking if an individual has been arrested. Following an arrest, officers complete paperwork and detain the individual in a designated jail, creating their Carter County booking documentation. These records typically encompass fingerprints, mugshots, physical descriptors, personal information like name and address, arresting officer details, crime specifics, location details, and involved vehicles. Access to a person’s Carter County booking records is available to the public without requiring permission.


What is Carter County KY Mugshots?

Carter County KY Mugshots are photos taken by law enforcement agencies when an individual is arrested and processed into the county jail. These mugshots are a part of public records and are often shared on websites or newspapers to inform the community about recent arrests. They typically include the individual’s face and any relevant identifying information.

How can I access Carter County KY Mugshots?

To access Carter County KY Mugshots, you can visit the local law enforcement agency’s website, where they may have a section dedicated to recent arrests and mugshots. Additionally, local newspapers or online publications may also feature mugshot galleries. Keep in mind that mugshots are public records, so they should be fairly easy to find through official channels.

Are Carter County KY Mugshots permanent records?

Yes, Carter County KY Mugshots are considered part of an individual’s criminal record and are typically kept on file indefinitely. Even if the charges are dropped or the individual is found not guilty, the mugshot may still be accessible through public records. It’s important to be aware that once a mugshot is taken, it may be difficult to have it removed from public view.

Can I request to have my Carter County KY Mugshot removed?

While it is possible to request to have your Carter County KY Mugshot removed from certain websites or publications, it can be a challenging process. Some websites may charge a fee for mugshot removal, while others may have specific requirements for removal requests. It’s important to consult with a legal professional to understand your options and rights regarding the removal of your mugshot.

Why is Carter County KY Mugshots made public?

Carter County KY Mugshots are made public for transparency and community safety purposes. By sharing mugshots, law enforcement agencies aim to inform the public about recent arrests and individuals who may pose a potential threat. Additionally, publicizing mugshots can serve as a deterrent for criminal behavior and help with ongoing investigations. However, it’s essential to balance the public’s right to know with an individual’s right to privacy and fair treatment.

Busted Newspaper Carter County KY Mugshots (2024)


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