8 Best Unique Flower Arrangements Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Giftblooms Resource Guide (2024)

Valentine’s Days are incomplete without the beauty of the gifts. There might be varieties of gifts and celebrations around the world today. But, there is only one gift that was, is and will be universal for love. Those are flowers. Here are 8 best flower arrangement ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1) Triple Heights Valentine Floral Arrangement

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This arrangement is perfect to impress your love on this Valentine’s Day. Here, in this arrangement, there are three layers of flowers. The first layer is the basic one where you need to put dark and bigger flowers to make it strong. Then on the second layer, add some coloring flowers that are not as dark as the base flowers. On the top layer, add light color or contrasting color flowers. For base flowers, dahlias and roses will be good. Tulips and daisies will be ideal for the mid layer while the top layer will reflect any light color small flower. If you wish, you can also go for single flower layers with different colors.

2) Horizontal Heights Valentine Floral Arrangement

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This is another unique floral arrangement where you have to use the length of the bouquet than the heights. Here, you can make a beautiful strand of flower cups attached together. Either you make a pattern of alternative flowers or multiple colors and designs will go well. This floral arrangement will look amazing if you choose a color theme. It can be red and white or pink and red. Among the flowers, do not forget to put silver heart shapes to express your love.

3) Heart on Fire Romantic Bouquet

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Heart on fire romantic bouquet makes a sense of lustful passion for the partner by its name. On this bouquet, you have to use varieties of flowers to make it look attractive. But there will be one focal or highlight point at the middle of the bouquet. There you need to make a heart shape with dripping red roses. To make it look more prominent, it is best to use light color flowers around as the filler of the bouquet. This is one of the most passionate flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day.

4) Heart Shaped Garland in a Box

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Gifting the flowers or gifts inside a box is an older idea. There is a way to renew this box gifting idea with flowers. Take up a significant size of a box and make the bouquet accordingly. You should choose the favorite flower of your love to fill the bouquet. Even if it is not roses, she will be happiest to get one from you. Decorate the box with paper cut red hearts by sticking them over the boxes. Then put the bouquet inside it in such a way that the heart shape garland will set at the middle of it. This will be a perfect surprise gift for your love on this occasion of love.

5) A Shoe with Flowers Bunch

8 Best Unique Flower Arrangements Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Giftblooms Resource Guide (5)

We all have a passion for this thing or that. If your love is fond of shoes and loves to collect varieties of brands, then send her/him this gift on Valentine’s Day. Gift her/him the latest model of shoes of his/her favorite brand. But, keep another surprise inside the box as well. Who does not like to receive a dozen red roses from their beloved on Valentine’s Day? He/she will be on cloud 9. He will be emotional first for your care, and then for your unconditional love.

6) Wine and Roses Bouquet

8 Best Unique Flower Arrangements Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Giftblooms Resource Guide (6)

Wine and roses are the two utter romantic combinations for this day of love. If you have been away from your love for long, this Valentine’s Day makes it special with this gift idea. Book a table at the most exotic hotel in the city and have a romantic dinner there. There you can bring the gift with you. The basket contains a 72 red rose’s bouquet with the world’s exquisite wine in it. The choice of wine is customizable. As you know his/her choice, be sure you will make her Valentine’s Day the best.

7) Fruits and Flowers Arrangement

8 Best Unique Flower Arrangements Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Giftblooms Resource Guide (7)

This can be a perfect choice of gift for two kinds of lovers. One is the health-conscious one. The other is the nature-loving lover. Both of them will be impressed to receive such natural gifts of flowers and fruits. If your love is away, send romantic flowers online to her/him along with his/her favorite fruits.

8) Mini Mail Box Flowers Arrangement

8 Best Unique Flower Arrangements Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Giftblooms Resource Guide (8)

These are floral arrangements that are perfect for office or lining room décor. If your spouse is an interior decorator, she/he will love to receive such amazing small boxed flowered gifts. There are varieties of designs available in the online floral shops.

Flowers can speak of those feelings which words cannot express. Above are the best floral ideas for your valentine to celebrate the best day with him/her.

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8 Best Unique Flower Arrangements Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Giftblooms Resource Guide (2024)


What is the most bought flower for Valentine's Day? ›

The most popular flower for Valentine's Day is the classic red rose. Red roses have long been associated with love, passion, and romance, making them the quintessential symbol of affection on this special day.

What is the best bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day? ›

That's why we've put together a list of some of the best flowers for Valentine's Day so you can show love to everyone in your life.
  • Roses.
  • Hydrangeas.
  • Carnations.
  • Anemones.
  • Tulips.
  • Ranunculus.
  • Lilies.
  • Gerbera Daisies.
Nov 27, 2023

What are some popular varieties of cut flowers purchased for Valentine's Day? ›

Cut roses should last for at least ten days and, depending on the variety and care, may look good for up to 15-20 days. Other popular flowers to consider include tulip, alstroemeria, carnation, hydrangea, ranunculus, daffodil, stock, lily, dianthus, snapdragon and peony.

What flower not to give on Valentine's Day? ›

Banned from the festival of love: bad choices for Valentine's day bouquet
  • Yarrow. The colorful perennial Achillea is a common plant in flower shops in winter. ...
  • Basil and balsam. ...
  • Carnations. ...
  • Daffodils. ...
  • Cyclamens. ...
  • Hyacinths. ...
  • Lilies.

What is the second most popular flower for Valentines Day? ›

The 5 Most Popular Flowers for Valentine's Day
  • ROSES. Roses are known to be a symbol of expressing love. ...
  • TULIPS. Other than roses, tulips are the perfect type of flower to give as well. ...
  • ORCHIDS. ...

What is the most bought item on Valentine's Day? ›

This is probably why 57% of consumers buy Valentine's Day candy as a gift for their loved ones. Other popular gifts include cards (40%), flowers (37%), and an evening out (31%).

How many days before Valentine Day should I buy flowers? ›

The best time to order Valentine's flowers is at least one week to ten days before the holiday. Florist order flowers based on how many orders that have been called in. They ,also, order many more flowers for the people that wait till the last minute to order or get them.

Which color flower is the biggest seller on Valentine's Day? ›

As the most popular flower sold on Valentine's Day, giving someone a bouquet of red roses is a clear sign that you've caught the love bug.

What is the best color flower for Valentine's Day? ›

One of the most celebrated of all Valentine's Day flower color meanings, red is often remembered for its association with love, romance, and passion. Maybe a classic arrangement, like the luxe red roses in The Valentine, will catch his or her eye.

What is a signature rose for Valentines Day? ›

The rose, specifically the red rose, is the most popular flower for the February holiday. The red rose symbolizes love, romance, passion and beauty, which is why the iconic flower is such a hit on Valentine's Day, not to mention birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.

How many roses should be in a bouquet for Valentine's Day? ›

Twelve Roses are the traditional way to show your loved for someone, and one of their many meanings is to show that you are thinking of them 12 months a year, or 12 different ways to say I love you. Unlike the previous roses, sending 15 red roses is usually a sign of an apology and to say sorry and ask for forgiveness.

What is the #1 most sold cut flower? ›

According to 2019 data, tulips were the best selling cut flower in the United States that year, bringing in revenues of over 65 million dollars. Oriental Lilies and Gerbera Daisies came in second and third, respectively.

How do you pick Valentines Day flowers? ›

Try to find out their favourite flowers beforehand (wandering past a few florists will help). It's a great idea to pick blooms they reflect your lover's favourite scents and colours, and try to represent their character in the bouquet.

What are 3 common rose colors for Valentine's Day and what do they symbolize? ›

The Most Popular Roses for Valentine's Day
  • Pink roses – may be sent in new relationships or as a sign of great admiration and friendship.
  • White roses – these flowers could mean true love, purity and marriage.
  • Coral roses – could be a sign of desire.

What are the most bought items on Valentine's Day? ›

Beyond The Classic Heart-Shaped Bouquet And Chocolates

While flowers, candy and greeting cards still top the list of main gifts, younger generations are shifting the way Valentine's Day is being celebrated, looking beyond traditional gifts.


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