15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (2024)

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With Valentine's Day quickly approaching on February 14, it's time to decide what Valentine's Day gifts you want to order for the special someone in your life. While some may opt for a cozy set of pajamas or a decadent box of chocolates, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Thankfully, a whole slew of flower delivery brands, including The Bouqs, 1-800-Flowers, and Teleflora, have a curation of the best Valentine's Day bouquets to choose from. From an arrangement of classic red roses to brightly-hued tulips, these are the best Valentine's Day flower bouquets.

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1. Arabella Bouquets Lilac Haze Fresh Flower Bouquet

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (1)

Lilac Haze Fresh Flower Bouquet with Opal Vase

This bouquet of flowers is filled with gorgeous brightly colored blooms. The best part? It ships via Amazon.

Farm-direct hand-tied flowers are available from Arabella Bouquets, which conveniently ships via Amazon. The flower brand curates fun, brightly colored arrangements along with classic romantic styles like this one that features Purple Roses, Alstroemeria, Carnations, Statice, Spray Roses, and Button Poms. The bouquet comes in a gorgeous hand-blown glass vase that can be used for future at-home floral arrangements, too.

2. Venus et Fleur Small Round Eternity Roses

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (2)

Venus et Fleur Small Round Eternity Roses

A long-lasting bouquet of classic red roses that’s sure to impress.


For flowers that'll last beyond Valentine's Day, it's worth investing in a classic bouquet from Venus et Fleur. Each bouquet is made to order and lasts up to a year with little to no maintenance. Plus, each arrangement comes in a gorgeous round or square velvet box that can instantly elevate any table, vanity,or space.

3. BloomsyBox Red Velvetier

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (3)

Red Velvetier

The pops of yellow, red, and green make this bouquet from BloomsyBox perfect for any Valentine on your list.


Rich hues of red, pops of yellow, and subtle verdant green leaves are just a few characteristics of the Red Velvetier bouquet from BloomsyBox. The bouquet itself uses a wide variety of flowers, including lilies, roses, carnations, and alstroemeria, to name a few. To add a touch of personalization, you can upgrade the vase, add a little additional gift, or write a customized message for your delivery recipient.

4. Teleflora Charming Mosaic Bouquet

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (4)

Charming Mosaic Bouquet

Teleflora is one of the best floral delivery services out there, and this bouquet is the perfect pink pick for Valentine’s Day.


After rigorous rounds of testing, Teleflora got our stamp of approval as the best flower delivery service. The brand offers a huge variety of floral and plant options that are put together by local florists. In addition, they typically offer same-day delivery—although Valentine's Day likely needs to be ordered in advance—and have several add-on gift options like balloons, chocolate, and more. For Valentine's Day, we love the tiled-filled vase and pink florals in the Charming Mosaic Bouquet.

5. The Bouqs Iris Bouquet

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (5)

The Bouqs Iris Bouquet

Gift this colorful bouquet with irises, butterfly ranunculus, and tulips to brighten up their table.


When we tested the service, we were impressed by the customizable options, unique floral combinations, and variety of special occasion bouquets. This year for Valentine's Day, the Iris Bouquet, which has irises, butterfly ranuculus, and tulips.

6. 1-800-Flowers Key To My Heart Bouquet

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (6)

Key to My Heart Bouquet

Red and pink blooms are arranged in this gorgeous arrangement that’s sure to win the heart of any special someone on Valentine’s Day.


1-800-Flowers is one of the largest flower retailers on the market, so it only makes sense that the tried and true option is one of our favorite ways to order Valentine's Day flowers. Since there's something extra special about receiving a bouquet on Valentine's Day, we recommend ordering bouquets that are arranged and hand-delivered by a florist like the Key to My Heart Bouquet for the best results.

7. The Bouqs Three Wishes

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (7)

The Bouqs Three Wishes

These three mini Orchids are intended to bring good luck to anyone who receives them.

Orchids are said to symbolize good health and fortune, so this untraditional Valentine's Day pick would be perfect for your sibling, parent, or friends,The Bouqs offers this arrangement of three mini Orchids, which is said to grant good wishes. If you plan to order through the Bouqs, your order must be placed through February 12. While the retailer offers free, next-day delivery on a bunch of bouquets, you don't want to miss the window to get your order in, if you're a procrastinator.

8. BloomsyBox Mystic Bloom Harmony

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (8)

Mystic Bloom Harmony

Pink lilies, blue hydrangeas, and orange and red roses fill this brightly colored bouquet.


When we tested BloomsyBox, we found that the floral delivery retailer shines in its ordering experience and delivery speed. If you're someone who wants to sign your Valentine up for a monthly delivery, BloomsyBox is definitely the best option. The easy cancellation makes it worth a try and they'll receive bouquets like the TK one, which is created with pink lilies, blue hydrangeas, and orange and red roses.

9. Teleflora Regal Pink Ruby Bouquet

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (9)

Regal Pink Ruby Bouquet

Soft pink roses, hot pink gerberas, and carnations in a shimmering pink vase.


Any galentine will appreciate this pink bouquet from Teleflora. It's filled with soft pink roses, hot pink gerberas, and green and pink carnations. To add a personal touch, you can customize with a personalized Valentine's Day card, chocolates, or balloons. The bouquet also has a shimmering vase as its base that can be used for future florals.

10. UrbanStems Double The Margot

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (10)

UrbanStems Double The Margot

A whimsy arrangement that wows from Urban Stems.


For flowers that will last longer than the average bouquet, we recommend ordering from UrbanStems, which garnered our seal of approval as the best upgrade flower delivery service. For a clean, crisp bouquet, we recommend snagging the Double The Margot. It's filled with a whimsical selection of garden roses, ranunculus, a touch of eucalyptus and more blooms guaranteed to bring joy.

11. Venus et Fleur Small Heart

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (11)

Venus et Fleur Small Heart

Send a little (or lot) of love with this heart-shaped arrangement from Venus et Fleur.


On a day all about love, you can't go wrong with a heart-shaped arrangement. This one from Venus et Fleur features the brand's signature Eternity roses in a heart-shaped box. The brand's florals are said to last for an entire year without water and come in a whole slew of classic color options, including red, pink, blush, and pearl sheen.

12. The Sill Purple Orchid

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (12)

The Sill Purple Orchid

Each spring, Orchids are known to bloom, which will remind your loved one that you’re always thinking of them.


If you want to show someone you're always thinking of them, Orchids are your best bet. The exotic flower can bloom for years, reminding your loved one or significant other that you're always there. According to the brand, these beginner-friendly orchids bloom about once a year for up to three months. In addition, this particular species is non-toxic, so it's a perfect gift for dog or cat parents.

13. UrbanStems The Situationship

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (13)

UrbanStems The Situationship

For a new or casual relationship.


Brighten up the day of any Valentine with these vibrant florals. Just as they are named, this bold yet understated bouquet is perfect for someone you're just getting to know or have a casual relationship with.

14. Ode A La Rose Felice

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (14)

Ode A La Rose Felice

The different floral lengths make it a statement piece, so it’s perfect to show your significant other how much they mean to you.


With gorgeous blush-hued flowers, the Felice Valentine's Day flower arrangement is sure to make anyone smile. And, if you're looking to customize the experience, there are a multitude of vase options to choose from and you can add a teddy bear, chocolate, or a spa kit with the delivery.

15. Farmgirl Flowers Happily Ever After

15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (15)

Happily Ever After

A bountiful arrangement of gorgeous pinky-hued florals.

If you are looking to make a statement to your Valentine, this bountiful bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers is the way. It features approximately 40 fresh flowers like tulips, roses, and ranunculus, all in various hues of pink. Upon arrival, you'll notice that the bouquet is carefully designed and hand-tied in the brand's signature burlap stack.

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15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day (2024)


15 best flower bouquets to give for Valentine’s Day? ›

Always counted among the best Valentine's Day gifts, roses are the quintessential flower to present to someone you love.

What is the best bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day? ›

That's why we've put together a list of some of the best flowers for Valentine's Day so you can show love to everyone in your life.
  • Roses.
  • Hydrangeas.
  • Carnations.
  • Anemones.
  • Tulips.
  • Ranunculus.
  • Lilies.
  • Gerbera Daisies.
Nov 27, 2023

What flower is good for Valentines? ›

Always counted among the best Valentine's Day gifts, roses are the quintessential flower to present to someone you love.

What flowers should you send on Valentine's Day? ›

Classic red roses have long been the most popular flowers to send on Valentine's Day as they symbolise love. However, the best gift of all is one that's personal to your beau, so find gorgeous roses plus romantic alternatives such as lilies, tulips and orchids at Waitrose Florist.

How many flowers do you give for Valentine's Day? ›

Below, you'll find the meaning to the amount you might send: 12 roses are the ultimate way to say “be mine,” perfect for a new relationship. 24 roses mean “I am yours” and symbolize love, happiness, and creativity. 36 roses say “I am head over heels in love with you”

How many roses should be in a bouquet for Valentine's Day? ›

Twelve Roses are the traditional way to show your loved for someone, and one of their many meanings is to show that you are thinking of them 12 months a year, or 12 different ways to say I love you. Unlike the previous roses, sending 15 red roses is usually a sign of an apology and to say sorry and ask for forgiveness.

What flower not to give on Valentine's Day? ›

Banned from the festival of love: bad choices for Valentine's day bouquet
  • Yarrow. The colorful perennial Achillea is a common plant in flower shops in winter. ...
  • Basil and balsam. ...
  • Carnations. ...
  • Daffodils. ...
  • Cyclamens. ...
  • Hyacinths. ...
  • Lilies.

What is the second most popular flower for Valentines Day? ›

The 5 Most Popular Flowers for Valentine's Day
  • ROSES. Roses are known to be a symbol of expressing love. ...
  • TULIPS. Other than roses, tulips are the perfect type of flower to give as well. ...
  • ORCHIDS. ...

What flower symbolizes love? ›

Rose. A rose simply represents love, so it's the most classic choice for Valentine's day.

What is the flower for February 14? ›

Roses are the predominant flower associated with February 14th, Valentine's Day, but surprisingly February's birth flower is not the rose. February's birth flower is one that is much more modest and ordinary. It is the violet.

What flower symbolizes first love? ›

Lilacs are a symbol of youthful innocence. White lilacs symbolize purity and innocence, while blue lilacs represent love and passion. The most common light purple lilac symbolizes first love.

What is the best flower for a bouquet? ›

Look for flowers with long stems, such as irises, sweet peas, and lilies. Other good candidates are orchids, poppies, and flowering branches. Buy stems with some unopened buds so you can enjoy the flowers longer. Cut stems at an angle to create bunches extending to about double your vase's height.

Which flower to give a girl? ›

Yellow roses or tulips make gorgeous bouquets and send a message of joy and cheerfulness. Sunflowers, too, are a surefire way to make someone's day. Daisies and freesia are strong symbols of innocence and friendship as well, and will make a unique gift your friend is sure to remember.

Which color flower is the biggest seller on Valentine's Day? ›

As the most popular flower sold on Valentine's Day, giving someone a bouquet of red roses is a clear sign that you've caught the love bug.

What are some popular varieties of cut flowers purchased for Valentine's Day? ›

Cut roses should last for at least ten days and, depending on the variety and care, may look good for up to 15-20 days. Other popular flowers to consider include tulip, alstroemeria, carnation, hydrangea, ranunculus, daffodil, stock, lily, dianthus, snapdragon and peony.

What is the most popular rose for Valentine's Day? ›

Red Rose – “I love you.”

The most popular choice for Valentine's Day, the red rose symbolizes romance, love, beauty, and courage. They are the perfect way to profess your undying love for your special someone.


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